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Why choose Madison Mowing Service?

The Right Equipment...Every Time!

Let’s face it, when it comes to quality lawn care, using the right equipment for the right job is essential. Unlike other mowing companies that may use oversized mowers on a small lawn in order to get the job done 2 minutes faster...we do things the right way. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts, tearing up your yard, or leaving deep track grooves in your lawn simply to get the job done quicker. On the flip side of that, if you have a commercial property we’ll bring our big mowers to get the job done fast and efficiently.


We believe in a freshly cut lawn that looks great, and is done right with the appropriate equipment...every time. We only use professional and lightweight zero-turn mowers and push mowers that cut great, and leave you with a beautifully mowed lawn that you’ll love. By using the right mowing equipment (for small lawns or even larger commercial sized areas) combined with the right care and attention to details, you’ll enjoy a lawn that stays beautiful 365 days a year.

Super Simple Billing & Excellent Customer Care

Don’t want the worries and hassles of dealing with paper bills or leaving checks under the front door mat? We don't blame you. Here at Madison Mowing Service, we offer super simple billing thanks to our easy monthly or weekly billing via your own credit card. You simply prepay at the first of the month using your credit card, and then you’re all set. That’s it. This means no hassles or headaches for you.


You know what’s annoying? When you call a company, leave 3 messages, only to get a response a week later...or not at all. You don’t deserve that. Here at Madison Mowing Service, we’ll provide fast and friendly customer care that will always answer and return your phone calls almost immediately. Try us and see for yourself!

Clean, Professional & Friendly Service

Who would you rather have to mow your lawn? A sketchy guy that shows up in his rusted and beat up 1990 Ford, complete with missing teeth, cigarette hanging from his mouth, and torn up jeans and a careless attitude?


Or would you rather have a professional and super friendly (and non-smoking) mowing team show up with the best mowing equipment, ready to get the job done right, and in a timely fashion?


Madison Mowing Services is that team. Why not choose the best, so you can get the best cut lawn that you deserve?

We Always Protect Your Property

There’s nothing worse than coming home after a grueling day at work, to find that your front gate has been left open by mowers that were there just a few hours earlier. Not only is this an exposed security threat to your own home, but now your dog is missing too. Here at Madison Mowing Service, not only do we offer quality mowing services, but we also respect your property. If any of our employees ever leave your gate open and unsecured, they will be instantly terminated. No warnings. This is a policy that we stand firmly by for your own property safety and peace of mind.

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